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Join us for an exciting, enchanting, and enriching After School experience for kids grades PreK-9th. Coyote Club is the answer to many children’s desire to have a place to go after school to unwind and have fun. They’ll enjoy learning life skills and lessons from our dedicated instructors. Tuesday and Thursday we are offering Archery, Equestrian, Pottery and Woodshop classes, and Wednesday we have Jr. Ranchers and Explorers catering to the local early dismissal schedule. Our classes are offered in 8 week sessions throughout the year. Coyote Club welcomes students from any school.

TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE — enroll one or both days!

Please choose a program based on student’s grade level as of September 1, 2018


Please choose a program based on student’s grade level as of September 1, 2018

Springhill Elementary School Transport Hike

FREE transportation hike exclusively for 1st-5th grade Springhill Elementary students.

*Note: All hikes are an enrollment minimum of 4 people. We also are now offering an after care for the Coyote Club Classes which is from 5-5:30pm.

  • Tuesday/Thursday | pickup outside the main office at 1:42pm
  • Wednesday | pickup outside the main office at 2:42pm


Equestrian (more at Riding and Horsemanship School)

Grade (as of September  2018): PreK-2nd Tuesdays, 3rd-6th Thursdays 

Class Size: 8 students 

Class Tuition: $335/ 8-week session

Time:  3:30-4:55 — choose Tuesday or Thursday based on age

The Coyote Club Equestrian program has been developed with a unique purpose- to give students confidence handling horses and to introduce them to a variety of horse related topics in addition to riding- horse equipment, breeds, anatomy, feeding and care, poisonous plants, and horse drawing.  Additionally, we schedule special visits by vets and farriers during Horse Experience classes in order to give participants a “behind the scenes” understanding of the special needs of their equestrian friends. Students will be introduced to extensive ground work, which is practiced throughout the sessions.  Riding instruction is taught English style.  This class is appropriate for beginning students who have never interacted with horses, students who have ridden before but would enjoy gaining a more in-depth understanding of horsemanship, and for experienced students who enjoy the social dynamics of being with other young horse enthusiasts. Visit the Sienna Ranch Riding and Horsemanship School page for more details on our equestrian programs.

Weekly riding experiences vary by week and usually last 5-10 minutes per rider.  For a longer period of mounted instruction consider our Private Riding Lessons.


Archery (more at Archery)

Grade (as of September  2018): 3rd-9th 

Class Size: 8 students

Class Tuition: $215/ 8-week session

Times: 3:30-4:55 — choose either Tuesday or Thursday

Each week students are encouraged to focus on a specific aspect of their shooting form, while reviewing skills learned in previous classes. After gaining a basic level of proficiency and safety, archers may choose to challenge themselves and keep track of their progress by participating in Sienna Ranch’s archery patch program. Class is appropriate for beginners and returning archers. With a fully covered shooting line, classes will be held rain or shine!


Pottery (more at Pottery)

Grade (as of September  2018): 3rd-6th Tuesdays, PreK-2nd Thursdays

Class Size: 8 students

Class Tuition: $215/ 8-week session

Times: 3:30-4:55 — choose Tuesday or Thursday based on age

Pottery students will learn basic hand building techniques while drawing inspiration from the natural landscape and ranch life surrounding us. The majority of our time will be spent working on clay projects, and some days may include visiting animals, spending time in the garden, or exploring our rich natural play areas. We will touch upon elements of design, texture, balance, and fundamentals of construction and glaze application. Any level of clay experience is welcome. Projects will be designed to cumulatively build skills and inspire creativity. 


Woodshop (more at Woodshop and Building)

Grade (as of September 2018): PreK-2nd on Tuesdays, 3rd-6th on Thursdays 

Class Size: 8 students on Tuesdays, 8 students on Thursdays

Class Tuition: $215/ 8-week session

Times: Tuesday 3:30-4:55 — choose Tuesday or Thursday based on age

Woodshop students will design and build fabulous wooden projects, learn construction techniques and safe tool use, engage in fascinating explorations of physics and engineering concepts, and develop practical problem-solving techniques.  The class will introduce the fundamentals of woodworking and tool use and then allow the students to develop their own project ideas.   Any level of carpentry experience is welcome.  Students will work at their own pace with as little or as much guidance and direction that suits their learning style. Visit the Sienna Ranch Woodshop and Building page for more details on our wood shop program.


Junior Ranchers (more at Nature Programs)

Grades: PreK-1st (PreK = at least 4 years old by September 1, 2018)

Class Size: 8 students

Class Tuition: $375/8-week session

Times: Wednesday 2:00-5:25pm

A unique program designed for this special age when everything is exciting and magical.  Junior Ranchers will love getting to know the ranch animals, discovering our garden, making nature themed crafts, and enjoying unstructured nature play, exploration, and observation. In addition, each session will feature an opportunity to groom the pony, try out archery, and make a wood craft in our carpentry workshop.

 Note: Junior Ranchers must be able to use the restroom independently and should be confident being dropped off for a 1/2 day program away from caregiver. 


Explorers (more at Nature Programs)

Grade Group (as of September  2018): 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th or 5th & 6th

Class Size: max. 10 students per group

Times: Wednesday 2:00-5:25pm

Class Tuition: $365/8-week session

The Sienna Ranch Explorers program develops a deep connection to the natural world by offering fun, exciting and diverse outdoor experiences. Our core activities include hiking, survival skills, animal interaction, wild tending, homesteading skills, cooking, nature based crafts, games, unstructured nature play, exploration, observation, and one day of seasonal garden work per quarter.

Each session we offer the opportunity to earn a Sienna Ranch Certification Badge. Certification Badges are a fun and non-competitive way to focus our explorations, and to delve deeper into topics such as first aid, knife skills, oak tree care, and much more. We will take a little time each week to build the skills and knowledge required to earn the session’s Badge. Certification topics rotate on a three year cycle.


Coyote Club After Care

Grades: PreK-9

Price: $64/ 8-week session

Capacity: 10

Time: Tuesday / Thursday 5:00-5:30

**Must also be enrolled in Tuesday or Thursday Coyote Club, Explorers, or Middle School Science

Need a later pickup?  Sign up for Coyote Club After Care and we’ll supervise your students during a free-play period at the end of the day.  Available only to families who have purchased a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon class.



Classes are eight weeks long.  Join us for one session, or register for the full year.

Registration opens Friday, May 18,2018!

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

2018-19 School Year Dates

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Sep 3-Oct 26 Oct 29-Jan 11 Jan 14-Mar 8 April 8-May 31
no class: 11/19-25; 12/24-1/6