Group Nature Programming

What is the difference between standard versus group school year nature programming?


Sienna Ranch offers individual families first-come, first-served school year programming that runs in 3, 4, or 5 week sessions depending on the session.  This affords each family the flexibility to sign up for one session at a time, taking off any quarters that conflict with their schedule, trying out different days of the week as desired and changing plans mid-year within the guidelines of the School Year Refund, Transfer and Credit policy.  These are our standard school year reservations.  Anyone may enroll in an appropriate opening that suits their availability.

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Due to COVID-19 we are now taking inquiries about group reservations for Sessions 3-4 of 2020-2021. For groups that are willing to provide a full roster of students for a class, we are happy to work together to plan a day and time to design a recurring Sienna Ranch schedule for your group (based on availability).

Interested in a group reservation?  See class descriptions below, as well as roster size requirements and Group Reservation rates.  All Sienna Ranch programming is taught by our high quality Sienna Ranch Staff.  Email if you have a Nature Program you and your group are ready to reserve.

Note: enrollment in a group reservation signifies agreement to Group Reservation Terms for refunds, credits and transfers. If the group number drops below the group minimum Sienna Ranch will hold the group financially accountable for the tuition required to meet the minimum enrollment requirement.

Junior Ranchers Group Reservation

Grades: PreK, Kindergarten and 1st (PreK = at least 4 years old as of August 24th 2020)

Class Size: minimum 6, maximum 8 per group

Class Duration: Full Day- 6 hours, 5 week session

Group Reservation Tuition:

Full Day- $5140.80 for full class per 5 week session ($642.60 per student)

A unique program designed for this special age when everything is exciting and magical. Through grounding routines and exciting outdoor discoveries, students will be immersed in ranch life and the many fun activities we have to offer. Junior Ranchers will love getting to know the ranch animals, discovering our garden and making nature based crafts. There will be ample time to enjoy unstructured nature play, exploration, and observation as well. The day will be paced so that our young participants will have time to rest and recharge between activities, while still feeling engaged throughout the class.

 Note: Junior Ranchers must be able to use the restroom independently. 

Explorers Group Reservation

Grades: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th and 5th-6th

Class Size: minimum 7, maximum 10 per group

Class Duration: Full Day- 6 hours 5 week session

Group Reservation Tuition:

Full Day- $5985 for full class per 5 week session ($598.50 per student)

The Sienna Ranch Explorers program develops a deep connection to the natural world by offering fun, exciting and diverse outdoor experiences. Our core activities include hiking, wilderness skills, animal interaction, wild tending, homesteading skills, cooking, nature based crafts, and seasonal gardening. Ample time is given to exploration, observation, unstructured nature play, and games as well.

Nature Sages Group Reservation

Grade: 7th-9th

Class Size: minimum 7, maximum 10 per group

Class Duration: Full Day- 6 hours, 5 week session

Group Reservation Tuition:

Full Day- $5985 for full class per 5 week session ($598.50 per student)

Sienna Ranch’s Nature Sages Teen Program is designed to deepen each student’s connection with nature while building an individual sense of self and purpose. Through hands-on creative projects we will build skills related to survival, nature connection, homesteading, and ancient arts. By fostering an awareness of the outside world, we will build connections to our inner experience through personal reflection and group activities. Nature Sages will have the opportunity to grow as leaders and mentors by facilitating activities for our younger students- the Explorers and Junior Ranchers. Hiking, team building activities, and animal interactions/care will be regular aspects of the program as well.

School Year Group Reservation Refund, Transfer and Credit Policy

This policy is subject to change since we are still revising the policy. We thank you for your interest in making Sienna Ranch a guaranteed part of your group’s school year.  Thanks for keeping the best interest of your group in mind by making sure your student’s scheduled date/time/group reservation rate matches your family’s expectations before you make your first payment.

A group reservation is only guaranteed after the minimum group number has been registered and the primary parent has paid the deposit.  Sienna Ranch reserves the right to dissolve group reservations if a group fails to provide the required number of age-appropriate students to secure the program by the designated date in your group’s contract. Changes to a group reservation must be made in writing to Voicemail messages cannot be considered as official transfer or refund requests.  If a change happens that impacts the whole class, individual fees below may apply.

  • Refund: receiving cash, check or credit card reimbursement for programming paid for out-of-pocket. (Charter school funds cannot be turned into cash, check or credit card refunds.)
  • Transfer: moving tuition monies within the Sienna Ranch registrations system directly to another session, camp or program or moving tuition monies to another sibling (available based on space remaining at time of written request).
  • Credit: releasing tuition monies from a specific class/camp/program and applying them to a family’s general account for use by any other sibling (may be used by any family member for future programming but cannot be turned into cash, check or credit card reimbursement).  Charter School Funds may not be turned into family credit, as they are only valid for the exact session & class listed on the PO/voucher.
Email received  Credit Card Refund  Transfer Session/Camps  SR Credit
1+ month prior 5% credit card processing fee no fee no fee
2-4 weeks prior 30% fee per program 30% fee per program 30% fee per program
1-2 weeks prior not available 50% fee per program 50% fee per program
less than 1 week not available not available not available
  • Date ranges are based on the Sunday evening prior to first day of the first session of the school year.
  • Each sibling occupies a unique registration and incurs separate fees for cancellations or transfers.
  • SR credit and tuition transfer available for use between immediate family members only.
  • It is each family’s individual responsibility to request charter school funds to arrive no later than the first week of each session, otherwise enrollment signifies agreement to authorize Sienna Ranch to charge the card on file for that quarter’s tuition.
  • *With less than one week’s notice prior to the start of the school year (or once the school year begins), should an individual wish to be released from a group reservation, Sienna Ranch will honor a tuition balance transfer (pro-rated based on date of emailed request) to an age-appropriate replacement student approved by the group for a $100 Group Reservation Transfer fee.  Sienna Ranch requires families to find their own replacement for group reservations.