Summer Camp 2020

Welcome to our 11th year of summer camp at Sienna Ranch! Each year we feel honored and grateful to be serving our wonderful community from all over the San Francisco Bay Area.


2020 Summer Camp Weeks

#1: June 1-5
#2: June 8-12
#3: June 15-19
#4: June 22-26
#5: June 29- July 3*
#6: July 6-10
#7: July 13-17
#8: July 20-24
#9: July 27-31*
#10: Aug 3-7

* Weeks with Teen Camp Programming available

 Sienna Ranch OPEN the week of July 4th.  Dates and rates June 29- July 3 reflect a full 5-day week of program. 

Please choose programming based on the grade your camper is entering for the 2020-21 school year.  PreK participants must be 4 years old by June 1, 2020 and fully independent using the restroom. If you are trying to pair siblings or friends in the same age group, you may enroll an older child in a younger age group; however, please do not enroll a younger child into an older age group

Summer 2020 Policies

Please read all our policies, including our Summer 2020 refund, transfer and credit policy carefully before registering for any camp or class as purchasing registration signifies agreement to the stated terms.

Rain or Shine Policy

SHINE (May-September)

Green hills turn golden as the winter rains dissipate and give way to longer, drier days.  Sun protection and hydration are key for comfort here in the warmer months, so we recommend the following five tips any time you see sunshine in the forecast:

  1. Pre-Hydrate:  Help students/campers get a great start to their day by dropping them off to the ranch well-hydrated.  Challenge them to drink and refill their water bottle at least once while they are at the ranch and ask them about it when you pick them up.
  2. Pre-[sun]Screen: Please apply sunscreen before dropping your child off for program.  Instructors do keep a small bottle of sunscreen in their first aid kits and can offer it to students who wish to reapply during the day.
  3. Label Layers: The morning chill burns off quickly and layers are often shed during exploring and games throughout the day.  We do our best to help keep children and their possessions together, but it’s easier to reunite a missing jacket and its owner with your child’s name in it.
  4. Check for Critters: Make a head-to-toe tick check part of your post-ranch routine.  Deer ticks are part of the natural Sienna Ranch ecosystem.  Ask your doctor if you are concerned about tick-related illnesses.
  5. Hats, yes, Sandals, no: We encourage students to wear sun hats while hiking and playing.  Consider letting your child pick out a hat they want to wear to increase the likelihood of it staying on during program.  To keep toes safe and prevent blisters or splinters from dampening the day, please make sure to send all participants in socks and close-toed shoes.  Students in the Riding and Horsemanship programs have additional horse-safe footwear requirements.

All programming continues, rain or shine.  Some activities, such as Horseback Riding are subject to adaptation when it is too hot and/or humid for the horses to exercise.  See our Riding and Horsemanship School page for more information about heat index.

Questions about the rainy weather policy you can read the fullRain or Shine suggestions for more information about how we embrace exposure and the elements.

Summer 2020 Refund, Transfer, and Credit Policy


Purchasing registration implies agreement to the terms below:

Refund, Transfer, and Credit Policy

Sienna Ranch camps are outstanding because our staff is outstanding.

Our refund policy allows us to reliably staff our programs with brilliant educators for your children.  Note: Camp refund, transfer or credit requests must be made in writing to  All refund, credit, and exception requests must be made within 6 months after the program’s start date. Voicemail message or in-person conversations cannot be considered as official requests.

Email received Credit Card Refund Transfer Camp Weeks SR Credit
Prior to May 1st 5% credit card processing fee no fee no fee
May 1st – 2 weeks prior not available $25 fee per camp $50 fee per camp
Less than 2 weeks prior not available not available not available
  • Refund: receiving cash, check or credit card reimbursement for programming paid for out-of-pocket.
  • Transfer: moving tuition monies within the Sienna Ranch registrations system to programming in a different date range (different week of camp or different session of the school year) for the same child.
  • Credit: releasing tuition monies from a specific class/camp/program and applying them to a family’s general account for use by any other sibling (not to be turned into cash, check or credit card reimbursement).
  • Date ranges are based on the Sunday evening prior to first day of camp or session in question.
  • AM & PM camps are separate programs and incur separate fees for cancellations or transfers.
  • SR credit and tuition transfer available for use between immediate family members only.
  • We will do our best to honor all transfer requests but cannot guarantee space availability due to the first-come, first-served nature of our programming.
  • Please note ALL credit card refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee.

Summer Camp Discounts

Summer Camp Discounts

Summer Camp Discounts

  •  Ranch Play Discount:  Register the same child for AM camp, Ranch Play and PM camp the same week and automatically receive $60 off that week’s total.
  •  Multi-Camp Discount:  Register the same camper for any 5 camps (morning and afternoon camps count separately), automatically receive 5% off the 5th registration and all future camp registrations. Note: Discounts are automatically applied to programs that are purchased in the same order. Please contact office to apply discounts to programs purchased separately.
  •  Multi-Sibling Discount:  Register two or more siblings for camp, automatically receive 5% off the second and subsequent child’s registration. Note: Discounts are automatically applied to programs that are purchased in the same order. Please contact office to apply discounts to programs purchased separately.

Absences and Early and Late Pick Up

Early Pick Up

Early Pickup: Unplanned early pick ups are disruptive and difficult to accommodate as campers may be midway through an activity or hiking offsite. 

For AM Camps- If extremely necessary please call the office before the start of camp to tell us your pick up time

For PM Camps- Early pickup is at 3:30pm only.  Please fill out the form below with at least 24 hours notice, otherwise we cannot guarantee your camper will be available for early dismissal. 

Afternoon Camp Early Pickup Request

Late Pick Up

Late Pickup Fees:  Please note that while we do appreciate a call or voice mail if you are running late, we will likely be away from the phone actively dismissing campers and may not receive your message immediately.  Thank you for being on time.

Minutes Late   Fee
1-5   none
 6-15   $10 / driver
16+   $1 / min late


Missing A Day of Camp: We are unable to offer make ups or to prorate camp tuition if your child misses a day of camp.

Early Morning Extension (8:00-9:00am)

Early Birds

Our extended care service for families who need an earlier start to their day, Early Birds campers meet in the backyard area and play, draw, read or relax before morning camp begins. Flexible drop-off from 8am- 8:45am. Add on as a session item with your morning camp registration or drop in on the day.

PRICE: $60 for the week or $15 per day      Register Here
OFFERED: Every week! GRADES: PreK-8th

Morning Camps (9:00-1:00pm)

(Early Bird care available 8-9am, Ranch Play bridge care between morning and afternoon programming available 1-2pm*)

Farm Hands
PreK-5th Grade

Farm Hands – Farm Life, Animal Care, Garden Harvest

PRICE: $395 (Prek/K), $386 (1st+) per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Every week! GRADES: PreK-K (*2 sections), 1st-2nd or 3rd-5th CLASS SIZE: max 8 PreK-K, max 10 1st+

Spend a week getting to know the residents of Sienna Ranch: the chickens, sheep, goats, ducks and horses. Campers will experience engaging interactions and complete meaningful chores while learning how to care for our animals. Campers will enjoy traditional farm activities including milking our goats, making goat milk treats such as smoothies or cheese, harvesting from our garden, and crafting with wool from our sheep. Our staff bring a passion for youth and animals together in this fantastic program where children will build relationships and learn respect for the living creatures at Sienna Ranch and delight in the timeless pleasures of ranch life.

*PreK-K campers must be a minimum of age 4 and fully independent using the restroom as of June 1, 2020 to enroll.  Want to make sure friends/buddies end up in the same group?  Make sure to select the same class number (#1 or #2) and you’ll be all set!

*Food Allergies: Although we do not provide meals for campers, Farm Hands campers work with goat and cow’s milk, and there is always the chance that campers might enjoy an impromptu snack from the garden during their time at the Ranch. At the time of registration, please disclose any specific dietary needs, especially around eggs, dairy or wheat.  Cooking projects in the past have included enjoying scrambled eggs, home-made ranch dressing, butter made with heavy cream, crackers (gluten-free option available), goat milk smoothies, goat cheese, fruits, vegetables and fruit juice popsicles.  You are welcome to note any/all sensitivities or say you prefer your camper not eat ranch snacks.

Makers By Nature
1st-5th Grade

Makers by Nature – Nature Crafts and Outdoor Exploration 

PRICE: $386 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 3,6 & 10  GRADES: 1st-2nd & 3rd-5th   CLASS SIZE: max 10

This is a camp for makers!  Campers will learn how to use natural materials such as clay, oak galls, corn cobs, and wood and turn them into projects like lamps, figurines, darts, and spoons. In between focused craft times, we will be out on the land finding signs of the animals that live there and building shelters out of logs and branches.  By the end of the week campers will have lots of cool projects and fun memories to bring home.

Natural Adventures
1st-8th Grade

Natural Adventures – Outdoor Adventures, Team Building, and Hiking 

PRICE: $386 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 1,4,7, & 9  GRADES: 1st-2nd & 3rd-5th for Week 1, 4,& 7
GRADES: 3rd-5th & 6th-8th for Week 9 (Teen Week) CLASS SIZE: max 10

Campers will spend this week challenged and inspired by the great outdoors.  Natural Adventures campers will learn how to safely climb a rope, build a fire, shoot a bow and arrow, and work together as a team. They will also get to hike and explore the many hills and valleys of the land.  The week will culminate with an all morning hike out to the Sienna Ranch Time Capsule, where campers can add their names and connect to campers from the past.

Ranch Equestrian Camp
2nd-8th Grade

Ranch Equestrian Camp – Riding, Groundwork and Horsemanship

PRICE: $545 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Every Week!  GRADES: 2nd-5th for Weeks 1-4, 6-8, & 10
GRADES: 5th-8th for Week 5 & 9 (Teen Week) CLASS SIZE: max 8

Riding, horse-themed games, and horsemanship skills are the main activities in this camp. Campers will enjoy daily mounted and unmounted lessons in riding and horsemanship and other fun and educational horsey activities.  Campers work on new skills appropriate to their level during each mounted lesson. Through groundwork games and activities campers will learn horse communication, grooming, tacking, leading & tying, and how we care for horses to keep them healthy and happy.  When they are not working directly with the horses, campers will spend time practicing skills on the ground via various games and exercises that help develop their ability in the saddle.  Our Equestrian campers love getting to know our four legged friends!

Horses and Heat:  If the heat/humidity index is too high for the horses to exercise safely then we will substitute this with other experiential horse-themed activities. It is our preference for campers to experience mounted riding each day, whenever possible.

 Horse-safe footwear requirement 
Survival in the Wild
1st-8th Grade

Survival in the Wild – Wilderness Skills, Hiking, and Navigation

PRICE: $386 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 2,5,& 8 GRADES: 1st-2nd & 3rd-5th for Weeks 2 & 8
GRADES: 3rd-5th & 6th-8th for Week 5 (Teen Week) CLASS SIZE: max 10

Surviving in the wild is no easy task, but with the right skills, it’s a lot of fun! This camp introduces the fundamentals of staying alive: fire making, shelter building, foraging for food, and purifying water. Activities will include hiking, practicing lost proofing skills, and sharpening our awareness of our surroundings. Campers will assemble a survival kit to bring home and will practice their navigation skills in a culminating hike in the hills surrounding Sienna Ranch.


*NEW* Special Needs Camp
Ages 7-12

Special Needs Camp 

PRICE: $270 for M-W      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 2 & 5 Ages: 7-12 CLASS SIZE: max 8

Sienna Ranch Special Need Summer Camps will spend time getting to know the residents of Sienna Ranch: the chickens, sheep, goats, and ducks. This camp is specifically designed for children with special needs who are looking for a unique opportunity to participate in age-appropriate activities, hands-on learning, animal interaction, hiking, group games and social reciprocity activities. We always strive to find innovative, fun and effective ways to tie in all of our lessons to life on the Ranch. Summer Camp aims to leave all students with a positive association with each other, the Ranch, our animals, and our environment.


Afternoon Extension (1:00-2:00pm)

Ranch Play

Ranch Play is a supervised play time offered after morning camp. Relax at the story station, enjoy the craft of the day or play on the play structure in our backyard area. Available to morning or full-day campers only.  This is a set program from 1-2pm. Add on as a session item with your morning camp registration.

PRICE: $60 for the week or $15 per day      Register Here
OFFERED: Every week! GRADES: PreK-8th

Afternoon Camps (2:00-5:00pm) 

3rd-8th Grade

Archery – Real Bows and Arrows

PRICE: $255 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Every Week! GRADES: 3rd-5th for Weeks 1-4, 6-8 & 10
GRADES: 6th-8th for Weeks 5 & 9 (Teen Week) CLASS SIZE: max 10

Campers will enjoy learning or improving their archery skills with an opportunity to shoot for at least an hour and a half each day on Sienna Ranch’s designated archery range, with distances ranging from 10 to 25 yards. Instructors model and encourage proper shooting form and techniques and help campers to reach their potential. Over the course of the week, campers will be given the opportunity to work on several archery related crafts, such as hand-drawn targets and homemade wooden arrows. Beginners are always welcome!

Art and Animals
K-2nd Grade

Art and Animals – Animal Interactions and Arts & Crafts

PRICE: $255 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Every Week! GRADES: K-2nd CLASS SIZE: max 10

This camp is perfect for animal loving artists. Each day we will  spend time with our animal friends and then make craft projects inspired by nature. Campers will interact  with our goats, chickens, ducks, sheep and horses and get to practice skills like milking a goat and grooming a horse.  We will make crafts from materials such as sheep’s wool, goat’s milk, and natural clay. This camp is sure to be a creative and cuddly good time.

Destination Discovery
3rd-5th Grade

Destination Discovery – Your Passport to Adventure

PRICE: $255 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 3, 4, & 8  GRADES: 3rd-5th CLASS SIZE: max 10

Come see all of the destinations Sienna Ranch has to offer and complete your Adventure Passport by solving clues that lead to hidden stamps throughout the property.  Each day will have a new mystery to solve, a new survival skill to learn, and a new spot to explore at the ranch.  Campers will have fun using their problem solving skills, learning about maps and compasses, and completing physical challenges.

Fun with Horses
K-2nd Grade

Fun with Horses – Just Horsing Around

PRICE: $283 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Every Week!  GRADES: K-2nd CLASS SIZE: max 8

Fun With Horses campers do exactly that, spend a week having fun with horses!  Children in this special interest camp will have the opportunity to learn to “speak horse”, as they are introduced to the various ways horses communicate with each other and with us. Using fun games and activities, campers learn about colors and breeds of horses, parts of a pony, and gaits. They will participate in the various ways we care for horses to keep them healthy and happy, such as grooming, stall care, and feeding.  Highlights of this week for many of our campers are the times spent with pony rides, vaulting, leading, and grazing, and creating chalk or painted murals right on a horse!

 Horse-safe footwear requirement 

Note: Fun With Horses does not include daily riding.  For a camp with more of a focus on riding instruction, please see our morning Ranch Equestrian Camp, offered 9:00am-1:00pm each week.

K-5th Grade


PRICE: $255 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 1-3,5-9 GRADES: K-2nd for Weeks 1,3,5,7 & 9
GRADES: 3rd-5th for Weeks 2,6, & 8 CLASS SIZE: max 8

Join in hands-on fun where campers will learn how to let creativity flow through their fingers and get messy with clay.  We will explore a variety of hand building techniques such as pinching, coiling, and slab rolling, which encourage investigation into size, shape, form, and texture.  We will also visit our onsite kiln to learn about the pottery firing process.  Each camper will have an opportunity to build and glaze at least four projects during the week, as well as visit and interact with our Ranch animals. 

Potions and Pies
2nd-5th Grade

Potions and Pies – Harvesting the Ranch’s Bounty

PRICE: $255 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 1, 2, 9,& 10 GRADES: 2nd-4th for Weeks 1, 2 & 10
GRADES: 3rd-5th for Week 9 (Teen Week) CLASS SIZE: max 10

Potions are real.  Pies are delicious!  Join us at Sienna Ranch as we learn how to make treats from trees and medicine from plants growing here at the ranch.  Summer is the best time to create scrumptious pies from Sienna Ranch’s homegrown abundance. Campers will love making potions with mysterious powers, like healing salves and sprays to defend against bug attacks. In our free time we will enjoy hanging out under shady trees, visiting animals, exploring and playing games.

Ranch Hands
2nd-5th Grade

Ranch Hands

PRICE: $255 for per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 4, 5,& 6 GRADES: 2nd-4th for Weeks 4 & 6
GRADES: 3rd-5th for Week 5 (Teen Week) CLASS SIZE: max 8

Join Sienna Ranch’s Animal Care Staff as stewards of our beloved animal friends. We will learn about the care, behavior, and maintenance of each animal. Highlights include taking the goats for a walk, feeding the animals, learning how to maintain our animal pens and grooming, all the while learning about our animals, how to care and connect with them. Weather dependent, students will have the opportunity for short mounted horseback riding lessons as part of this camp.

Wonderful Wool
3rd-5th Grade

Wonderful Wool!- Fiber Crafts and Caring for our Sheep

PRICE: $255 for per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Weeks 7 & 10 GRADES: 3rd-5th CLASS SIZE: max 10

In this fabulous craft camp all of our materials come from right here at Sienna Ranch! Campers will get creative as they spin, felt, and dye their own take-home projects out of wool. They will delight in meeting our adorable miniature sheep, Marvin & Miles and learn how to care for them. They will also learn how to harvest and process plants from our garden to make colorful wool dyes. When they aren’t busy crafting, campers will get to meet our other ranch animals and visit favorite destinations on the land.

Woodshop & Natural Building
K-8th Grade

Woodshop & Natural Building – Carpentry & Woodworking 

PRICE: $255 per week      Register Here
OFFERED: Every Week! GRADES: K-2nd for Even Weeks 2,4,6,8 & 10
GRADES: 3rd-5th for Week 1, 3,& 7
GRADES: 6th-8th for Week 5 & 9 (Teen Week)

In this camp we will be building toys, games, and basic structures out of wood and other natural materials. Each day will begin in the Sienna Ranch Woodshop where students will learn to safely use hammers, saws, and drills to create kid-approved projects. Once confidence and skills are gained in the woodshop, students will use their hands and an array of natural materials such as branches and logs, rope and rocks, to build huts and survival shelters. This portion of the class will focus on basic structural design and building techniques that could come in handy in the backyard, during a camping trip, or even in a survival situation. Students can expect to take home at least 2 small projects.