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Questions about our hot/wet weather policies?  Read our Rain or Shine suggestions for more information about how we embrace exposure and the elements.  As a note, our Archery deck does have a roof over it, shading Archers from the summer sun and protecting school year Archers from the winter rains.  As a note, a significant portion of each Woodshop camp and class is spent outdoors.  Please send your child in footwear and clothes that are OK to come home dirty!

Sienna Ranch’s Woodshop and Carpentry Program is a place where students can learn skills and problem solving.  Basic carpentry skills are introduced and quickly put to use on group and individual projects.  Children are encouraged to come up with their own project ideas and are gently coached on how to accomplish their vision. They work in the woodshop at Sienna Ranch and at the ever-growing, student built Tree Fort.


Coyote Club Woodshop

Grade (as of September 2017): KG-2nd on Tuesdays, 2nd-4th on Thursdays 

Class Size: 6 students on Tuesdays, 8 students on Thursdays

Class Tuition: $211/ 8-week session

Times: 3:30-5:00 — choose Tuesday or Thursday based on age

Woodshop students will design and build fabulous wooden projects, learn construction techniques and safe tool use, engage in fascinating explorations of physics and engineering concepts, and develop practical problem-solving techniques.  The class will introduce the fundamentals of woodworking and tool use and then allow the students to develop their own project ideas.   Any level of carpentry experience is welcome.  Students will work at their own pace with as little or as much guidance and direction that suits their learning style. Visit the Sienna Ranch Woodshop and Building page for more details on our wood shop program.


Natural Building

Grade (as of September 2017): 3rd-6th

Class Size: 8 students

Class Duration: 2 hours, Tuesdays from 1:10-3:10m

Class Tuition: $283/8-week session

Learn the ancient art of building with natural materials! Make your own rope from plants and learn how to build real huts, forts and shelters. We may use cob (a mixture of clay, sand and straw), logs, sticks, rocks, grasses and a variety of other plants depending on the project. Our primary tools will be our hands, but we will also learn the safe and responsible use of tools such as hammers, shovels, saws, knives and hatchets. Come prepared to get your hands dirty! This class will also help to build and maintain the beloved Tree Fort.  Expect to exert a moderate amount of energy hiking and working on potentially muddy, sloped or uneven terrain. 


Junior Woodshop

Grade (as of September 2017): PreK-2nd (PreK = at least 4 years old by September 1, 2017)

Class Size: 6 students

Class Duration: 2 hours, Thursdays from 1:10-3:10pm

Class Tuition: $294/8-week session

Junior Woodshop is a fun-filled introduction into the world of woodworking, specifically designed for early childhood students. Junior Woodshop is a wonderful way to develop self-confidence, problem solving and decision-making skills, fine motor skills, and to forge a strong connection between the hands and the mind.  The Sienna Ranch Woodshop values the process over the product.  Students are encouraged to try new ideas, to exercise their imagination and creativity, and are allowed to make mistakes in a safe environment.  In this class, students will have the opportunity to build approximately six take-home projects over the session.  Some projects may take two lessons to complete. The projects will progress in difficulty as the session progresses, and students will be given increasing freedom to use their imagination and to develop their design and problem solving skills.

For a shorter carpentry experience, explore the Junior Woodshop Extension offered as an add-on to the Junior Ranchers or Explorers Program on Friday afternoon.


Springhill Hike, Snack and Play

Grade (as of September 2017): 1st-5th

Price: $88/ 8-week session

Capacity: minimum 2 required for program to run, maximum capacity of 12

Time: Tuesday / Thursday 2:40-3:30

**Wed 1:42-2:05 hike from Springhill Hike is FREE with Explorers / Jr. Rancher enrollment.

Sienna Ranch staff will pick up kids from Springhill School and hike back to Sienna Ranch. Upon arrival, students will unwind with a game or some fun ranch chores with the animals or in the garden.

We are able to pick up kindergarteners from Springhill’s Hide Out too, as long as you add our staff to your approved pickup list before the start of the session.

Homeschool Connection

Grade (as of September 2017): K-6

Price: $21/ 8-week session

Capacity: 12

Time: Tuesday / Thursday 3:10-3:30

**Must also be enrolled in Tuesday Jr. Riding Club / Natural Building or Thursday Horse Experience / Jr. Woodshop

Looking to bundle a Daytime and After School class?  Select this option and we’ll supervise your students during a free-play period between classes.  Send along a snack for them to enjoy, and we’ll make sure they’re rested and ready for their after school program.  Available only to families who have purchased a Daytime class.

**Look for this option when you register for one of our Coyote Club programs!**

Junior Woodworking Extension

Grade (as of September 2017): PreK-2nd 

Class Size: 6 students

Class Duration: 1 hour

Class Tuition: $129/8-week session

Explorers and Junior Ranchers students grades PreK-2nd, have an opportunity to add one hour of woodworking class to their day. Woodworking Extension is offered on Fridays only and requires enrollment in a Friday morning program to attend.


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