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Registration opens Wednesday May 15th, 2019 at 10:00am!

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

Questions about our hot/wet weather policies?  Read our Rain or Shine suggestions for more information about how we embrace exposure and the elements.

Full-Day Options

Animal Internship

Animal Internship

Each school year, Sienna Ranch offers four paid internships for high school students in 10th grade and above. Animal Interns work 3 three-hour shifts per week under the guidance of the Animal Care and Education Manager for a total of 9 hours.  Interns are responsible for feeding, mucking pens, and general care of Sienna Ranch’s animal staff: chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits, horses, and ducks. Interns will have opportunities to provide both daily maintenance and specialized care for our animals. Interns are also given the opportunity to mentor students in the Animal Care Apprentice Program on Sundays.
Each intern will have opportunities to work independently, alongside the animal care manager, and as part of a team. Individual must be self-motivated as some shifts require the ability to work without supervision. Shifts are offered Monday-Saturday, 8:30-11:30Monday-Friday, 2:00-5:00, Saturday 8:30-11:30 with the addition of two Sundays a month from 11:30-2pm.  Internships are one full school year (September-June) with potential for a summer position. Interns must have reliable transportation. Applicants must be able to attend training on August 29th, 30th, and 31st.
2019-2020 Applications Closed. If you want more information or have questions, email sranimalcare@gmail.com 

2019-2020 Registration Information

2019-2020 Registration Information


Classes are eight weeks long.  Join us for one session, or register for the full year.

Registration opens Wednesday May 15th, 2019!

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

2019-20 School Year Dates

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Sep 1-Oct 26 Oct 27 -Jan 11 Jan 12-Mar 7 March 22-May 23
no class 9/2 no class: 11/25- 12/1; 12/23-1/5 no class: 1/20 no class: 3/30-4/5

Nature Sage Program

Nature Sages

Nature Sages

Class Tuition: $489/8-week session (includes food for one overnight campout)      Register Here
GRADES:     7th-9th 
CLASS SIZE: 10 (Friday class is 20 with two instructors)
CLASS DURATION: 3 Hours, 25 Minutes

 Campout Note: There is one overnight campout each session in lieu of regular class, usually Week #7.  The campout may be at Sienna Ranch or will be within a one-hour drive.  Exact dates will be given closer to the start of each session.   

*Connecting Waters Charter School does not cover the overnight so please be prepared to pay $61 and Connecting Waters will cover the remainder of the class.

Sienna Ranch’s Nature Sages Teen Program is designed to deepen each student’s connection with nature while building an individual sense of self and purpose. Through hands-on creative projects we will build skills related to survival, nature connection, homesteading, and ancient arts. By fostering an awareness of the outside world, we will build connections to our inner experience through personal reflection and group activities. Nature Sages will have the opportunity to grow as leaders and mentors by facilitating activities for our younger students- the Explorers and Junior Ranchers. Hiking, team building activities, and animal interactions/care will be regular aspects of the program as well. There will be opportunity to directly apply learned survival skills in the campout held once a session.

Nature Sages is open to all levels of experience. Whether you have grown up at Sienna Ranch or you are joining us for the very first time- everyone is welcome!

Students in the program are:

  • Able to hike minimum two miles with a full backpack
  • Able to sit and participate in group discussions
  • Able to focus on a project for up to an hour
  • Excited to challenge themselves in new ways
  • Willing to work hard on projects that benefit the Ranch community
  • Stoked to spend a night camping at the ranch or offsite
  • Ready to be outside in all weather conditions and get dirty

Teen Extensions

Nature Sage Apprentice Extension

Nature Sages Apprentice Extension

Class Tuition: Thursday Extension- $263/8-week session 
Class Tuition: Friday - $139/8-week session      Register Here
GRADES:     7th-9th 
CLASS DURATION: Thursday 1:30-3:20pm or Friday 2:00-2:55pm

Note: Thursday extension is open to students enrolled in any of our Nature Sage classes (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday). Thursday morning Nature Sages wishing to enroll in Apprentice Extension must enroll in Ranch Connection also.

Friday Apprentice Extension is only open to students enrolled in Friday Nature Sages

*Credit available if apprentice volunteer agreement is fulfilled by assisting in holiday and summer camps; more information upon applying. If original tuition is paid with Charter School Funds Sienna Ranch will provide families a Sienna Ranch Credit to be used for any future programming desired. 

Nature Sages Apprentice Extension focuses on developing leadership skills under the careful mentorship of Sienna Ranch instructors. Apprentice Extension students may find themselves working in our scholarship garden, honing their naturalist skills, learning how to lead games and tell stories for younger students, and engaging in discussions and personal reflection on their leadership style and values. Sages will also be mentored through what it means to be an instructor’s assistant at the ranch, while having fun at our favorite spots around the property. Apprentice Extension is geared towards preparing students for being assistants in Sienna Ranch camps, however being an assistant is not a requirement.

NOTE: Thursday Apprentice Extension is a longer class, so Thursday Apprentice Extension students will go deeper into mentorship and leadership skills. Thursday Apprentices will get the opportunity to directly mentor younger Explorers students while being observed and mentored by their Sienna Ranch instructor.

Pottery Extension

Pottery Extension

Class Tuition: $139/8-week session      Register Here
GRADES:     5th-9th 
CLASS DURATION: 1 Hour, offered Fridays 2-2:55pm

Pottery students will learn basic hand building techniques while drawing inspiration from the natural landscape and ranch life surrounding us. We will touch upon elements of design, texture, balance, and fundamentals of construction and glaze application.  Any level of clay experience is welcome. Projects will be designed to cumulatively build skills and inspire creativity. Pottery Extension is offered Fridays only and requires enrollment in Friday AM Explorers (Grades 5-6) or Nature Sages (Grades 7-9).  See more info about our Pottery Program here.

Market Farming Extension and Produce Box

Market Farming Extension and Produce Box

Class Tuition: $172/8-week session (this price includes four bi-weekly take-home produce boxes)      Register Here
GRADES:     5th-9th 
CLASS DURATION: 1 Hour, offered Fridays 2-2:55pm

Ever wanted to know how real farmers grow food for market? In Market Farming Extension we will learn real farm techniques such as efficient planting, crop selection and rotation, organic pest management, and natural soil care. By the end of this class, participants will be able to plan, manage, harvest and prepare produce for the market or the table.

Every other week we will harvest a personalized farm produce box to take home for dinner. Each bi-weekly produce box will contain about three fresh bundles of greens to share with your family, as well as other seasonal gems such as chicken eggs, red radishes, fruit, or flowers to brighten your home, see picture below for an example. The included produce box cost goes to the Emilie Inman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Ranch Apprentice Program

Are you passionate about horses and farm animals? If you are prepared to work hard, get dirty, and spend your Sunday afternoons as part of an awesome team being mentored by a terrific instructor, join the Sienna Ranch Apprenticeship Program!

Ranch Apprentice Program

Ranch Apprentice Program

Class Tuition: $250/8-week session (this price includes four bi-weekly take-home produce boxes)      Register Here
AGES:     12-18 
CLASS DURATION: Sundays 12:30-4pm

Summer Camp Program: Total of three (3) full weeks from June 1st-August 7th. Apprentices will be assigned to finish the annual program requirements during the Sienna Ranch Summer Camp. We do our best to accommodate preferences.

Credit Option for three weeks of summer worked, get 25% of school year enrollment credited back to family account
1 session enrollment = $62.5 credit
2 session enrollment = $125 credit
3 session enrollment = $187.5 credit
4 session enrollment = $250 credit

**Payment plans by request. A limited number of need based scholarships are available – contact office for more details**

Please enroll through our online registration system whether you are a returning apprentice or a new apprentice. You will need to register for all 4 sessions separately. The dates for the sessions will line up with our school year dates.

About the Apprenticeship Program:

Our apprenticeship program gives youth, ages 12 to 18 an opportunity to experience the satisfaction, education, and tangible work experience which comes from working at a small, family-owned ranch. Apprentices have the opportunity to take ownership of the health and happiness of our animals.  Each week, the Apprentice team will work under the supervision of our Animal Care Manager and Horse Care Manager to complete routine & special animal care tasks as well as spend a part of the class doing enrichment learning about the animals. Some of the tasks include:

  • Mucking stalls and cleaning pens
  • Cleaning tack and equipment
  • Routine animal maintenance
  • Grooming
  • Trimming & hoof care
  • Minor wound care
  • Animal exams
  • Pen and fence mending
  • And much more…

Who can Join?

  • Teens ages 12-18 are welcome to join the Animal Care Apprentice Program.
  • Minimum 3 weeks during Summer Camp
  • Loves hard work, getting dirty, and caring for and learning about animals
  • Takes direction well (follows the Apprentice Rules and Sienna Ranch Staff Communication Principles)
  • Team player
  • Capable of working independently

Why join the apprentice program?

Our apprentice program is workplace training/enrichment where individuals can gain valuable professional experience. All apprentices are expected to follow the Sienna Ranch Staff Communication Principles, and adhere to professional expectations including attendance, good work ethic, appropriate clothing and language. Our goal is to facilitate the building of a solid foundation in animal care, as well as preparing them to excel when faced with the many challenges of being a professional in any field.

Is the Apprenticeship Program right for you?

In caring for animals, there is no such thing as a lazy day! The apprenticeship program requires hard work, dedication, maturity, professionalism, and responsibility. Rain or Shine, at least an hour of your day will consist of mucking & pen cleaning.

  • Apprentices are expected to be on time and ready to learn.
  • Attendance will be taken
  • Apprentices must follow all Sienna Ranch rules.
  • Apprentices must follow the Sienna Ranch Communication Principles.
  • Animal Apprentices in good standing will be given priority in our paid Animal Care Internship (Age 16+).

Explanation of Program Fee:

Animal Care Apprentice Program fees are an important part of keeping this program a sustainable part of the Ranch. Your fees go a small part of the way to cover the administrative time spent planning, supervising and communicating around our apprentice program as well as materials like camp t-shirts, summer snacks, certificates, etc. Fees also allow us to offer our exciting Paid Animal Internship Program which gives our most experienced and dedicated apprentices a place to grow towards.

Our goal is a sustainable, high-quality program which remains financially accessible.

For any questions or concerns please contact our office on 925 283 6311, or email admin@siennaranch.net

Thanks so much for being a part of our Ranch Apprenticeship program!

*New this Year* How to Enroll:

Please enroll through our online registration system whether you are a returning apprentice or a new apprentice. You will need to register for all 4 sessions separately.

Summer Apprentice Information

Summer Camp Apprentice

Summer Camp Apprentice

Each year Sienna Ranch offers our Nature Sages the opportunity to volunteer in our summer camps. Last year, apprentices reported that the experience was hard, rewarding work, and a lot of fun too!

Look for more details about our upcoming Summer Apprentice Program in the Spring. If you are interested you can read the Nature Sage Apprentice Job Description here. This is the Summer 2019 description and a updated one will be available in the Spring.

NOTE: All Nature Sage Apprentices who work two weeks of summer camp will receive a free Sienna Ranch t-shirt, and a certificate of appreciation at the end of the summer stating the number of hours worked. Sienna Ranch is also happy to serve as a reference for Nature Sage Apprentices in good standing.