Teen Programs 7th-9th Grade

Class Registration

Registration for Session 2 opens Wednesday September 16th, 2020 at 10:00am! Session 1B still open for registrations. 

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

Questions about our Safety Policies?  Read our Rain or Shine suggestions and our COVID Parent/Guardian Guidelines for more info.

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2020-2021 Registration Information

2020-2021 Registration Information


Session 2A registration will be live this Wednesday 9/16! Classes are split into two 4 week sessions. Due to COVID-19 we are only releasing the Session 2A right now. Keep checking the website for detail changes.

Registration Tips

Registration Tips and Tricks

Registration Tips and Tricks

  • Early Registration is open for all school year classes until 1 month prior to the start of the session.  Early registrants automatically enjoy a 5% discount.
  • Planning to use charter school funds for your program tuition? Please see our Homeschool Page for more information on how to purchase our programs and use your vouchers.
  • Have more questions about what our programs look like? Check out our FAQ page for more answers.

Nature Sage Program

Nature Sages


3 Day Nature Sages PM Half Day

Class Tuition: $546.00 for 4 weeks Tues-Thurs
GRADES:     7th-9th 
CLASS DURATION: Tuesday-Thursday 2 Hours, 30 Minutes (available for Session 1B only)

Campout Note: Campouts for the Fall Session are still TBD and will be an extra cost additional to the class if we add it in. 

Sienna Ranch’s Nature Sages Teen Program is designed to deepen each student’s connection with nature while building an individual sense of self and purpose. Through hands-on creative projects we will build skills related to survival, nature connection, homesteading, and ancient arts. By fostering an awareness of the outside world, we will build connections to our inner experience through personal reflection and group activities. Nature Sages will have the opportunity to grow as leaders as they work together as a team.   Hiking, team building activities, and animal interactions/care will be regular aspects of the program as well.

Nature Sages is open to all levels of experience. Whether you have grown up at Sienna Ranch or you are joining us for the very first time- everyone is welcome!

Students in the program are:

  • Able to hike minimum two miles
  • Able to sit and participate in group discussions
  • Able to focus on a project for up to an hour
  • Excited to challenge themselves in new ways
  • Willing to work hard on projects that benefit the Ranch community
  • Ready to be outside in all weather conditions and get dirty