Scouts and Guides


Interested in an event at the ranch?

Thanks for your interest in our Birthday Parties. Please Request and event through our registration site. Once requested we will reach out to confirm your party, write a contract, and collect payment.

Activity Schedule

Sienna Ranch is a unique and wonderful place to earn a badge or have a scout outing with your troop! 

Scout events are hosted on Sundays throughout the school year.  Choose 2 one-hour activities. Activity selection, group size and pre-existing reservations may affect the times available for booking.

Sample Scout Schedule

15 minutes     Ranch Rules and Orientation

60 minutes    Activity #1 of your choosing

60 minutes    Activity #2 of your choosing

30 minutes    Picnic Time


Total Event    2 hours and 45 minutes

Pricing, Group Size, and COVID Precautions 

Due to COVID-19 we will only be allowing small group events. Masks are required by anyone over the age of 2. Please share our COVID policies with your guests and please let us know if you have any questions about our policies.

Please read our full COVID Policies here.

All group sizes must be 10 participants or lower plus 2 chaperones. We require 2 chaperones with more than 4 kids. All people staying on site during the activity portion of your event (adult or child) are considered ‘attendees’. For the safety of our animals (and for logistics in program spaces like the archery range, woodshop, etc.) we thank you for choosing the group size that accurately reflects the number of people you wish to stay on site the full duration of your event.

Pricing: $500 for Small Event. 10 participants and 2 chaperones. No More than 12 people.

 Activity Descriptions

Farm Animal Interaction (ages 4-12)

All ages enjoy hands-on interactions with our animal friends, whilst being encouraged to ask questions such as why domesticated animals are useful to us, and what special adaptations our animals have. Participants will brush goats, feed the ducks, groom a pony, hold chickens and help with collecting the eggs sold by the ranch.

Nature Games (ages 6-12)

Scouts and guides ages six and older will love visiting some of Sienna Ranch’s most beloved spots like the swamp and Buckeye Tree en route to playing the most favored games of school year and summer camp.  Along the way, discover the skulls, pelts and tracks of the ranch’s nature museum.  Games are collaborative and encourage participants to have fun working working as a team.

Shelter Building (ages 6-12)

This activity gives scouts the opportunity to work together and discuss one aspect critical to survival– protection from the elements. Groups use critical thinking to learn what aspects impact each step of the shelter building process from choosing a location, deciding which materials to harvest, technique, the importance of energy conservation in a survival scenario as well as the Leave No Trace ethics of deconstructing structures when leaving an area. This activity will focus on creating a practical debris shelter.

Interactive Garden Experience (ages 6-12)

Scouts and guides ages six and older help with the seasonal upkeep of our educational garden.  Learn the layers that make up our compost lasagna, seed, transplant and weed our organically-tended garden beds, take part in sheet mulching, water with rain barrel and gray water systems, explore vermicomposting and maybe even help with harvesting our Farm Stand goodies.  We’ll strive to harvest a seasonal treat too when possible!

Archery (ages 8-12)

Our experienced archery instructors introduce the basics of archery safety, shooting form and technique to scouts and guides ages eight and older.  Participants hone their aim with target practice on our picturesque archery range. Note: Sienna Ranch is an approved archery vendor for the Scouts.

Campfire Fun (ages 6-12)

(Seasonal activity, available October through March, depending on rainfall. Currently, we will need to have more rainfall for this to be a viable option. If this activity is of interest to you, please also select an alternate option in case we need to adjust based on the drought conditions)

Guests help to gather firewood, then learn to build and tend a fire in one of our established fire rings. We’ll pop popcorn over the flames, and you can bring your own marshmallows or s’mores supplies for an extra special treat!  We have a covered fire building platform allowing us to build fires and enjoy this activity rain or shine!

100% Outdoors

Curious to know our plan for inclement weather?  Read over our Weekend Weather page to get answers to frequently asked questions about how we safely deliver camp outs, field trips, birthday parties and more with precipitation in the forecast.