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Questions about our hot/wet weather policies?  Read our Rain or Shine suggestions for more information about how we embrace exposure and the elements.  As a note, a portion of each Middle School Science class is spent outside the classroom in the elements.



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Middle School Science

Grade (as of September 2018): 5th-6th and 7th-8th

Class Size: 12 max per class

Class duration: 3 hours, 25 mins

Class days and times: Tuesday or Thursday, 1:30pm-4:55pm 

Class Tuition: $425/8 week session

Sienna Ranch Science is specifically designed for homeschoolers who are looking for a unique opportunity to study age-appropriate science topics based on NGSS standards at our 21 acre Ranch in the hills of Lafayette. We teach the practice and process of science, including hands on experimental methods, lab skills, scientific approaches to problems and an understanding of scientific knowledge to prepare students for their journey into high school and beyond. We always strive to find innovative, fun and effective ways to tie in all of our lessons to life on the Ranch. We might be studying ecology by doing field surveys of biodiversity in the hills, studying gravity and engineering by dropping eggs from the top of the tree fort, or learning about pH in natural ecosystems by testing the water in our pond. Whether their aspirations are highly academic or just scientifically curious, Sienna Ranch Science aims to leave all students with a positive association with science, and to help our students develop into global citizens committed to using their understanding of science to make rational and informed decisions throughout their lives.


Sienna Ranch Science is divided into two classes, 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade. Both classes meet at the same time and may spend some time together playing games or completing group activities. Each class has their own separate classroom space and instructor. Both classes complete monthly work samples for students enrolled in charter schools.


Our curriculum is designed so that students can choose to enroll in one session at a time, or in all four years of Science.


Make your day at Sienna Ranch last a little longer! Extensions are 1 hour in duration and precedes Middle School Science. Our staff will guide children from one class to the next in order to ensure a smooth transition. You can register for Extension Classes during the class registration process.


Ranch Connection

Grade (as of September 2017): PreK-2nd and 3rd-8th 

Class Size: 20 students max (2 instructors leading separate age brackets)

Class Duration: 1 hour, offered Tuesdays or Thursdays

Class Tuition: $90/8-week session

Ranch Connection is a great way to dig in and feel more connected to daily life on the Ranch! We will have time to rest and enjoy any remaining snack or lunch before getting to work working in the food forest, animals, or program zones.  Seasonal projects might also involve cooking from the educational garden.


5th/6th Grade Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
ODD YEARS (beginning Fall 2017) The Human Body: What lies within Mechanics: How simple machines change our lives Earth, Stars, Moon and Sun: Our Earth is a special one Living Systems
EVEN YEARS (beginning Fall 2018) Cells and the microscopic world Earth’s Life-Giving Liquid: How water sculpt the land and skies What’s the Matter: Chemical reactions, mixtures and solutions Diversity of Life
7th/8th Grade Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
ODD YEARS (beginning Fall 2017) Waves, Light and Sound Electromagnetism From Astronomy to Me: Beyond our solar system May the Force be with you: What makes things move?
EVEN YEARS (beginning Fall 2018) From Stardust to Us: The story of diversity, evolution and heredity ** Chemistry: Matter, Mixtures and Alchemy Chemistry: Chemical Reactions Exploring Ecology


Every Day at the Ranch, Our Class aims to:
*Complete at least one hands on activity, investigation or experiment *Complete at least one structured written or verbal exercise *Visit one of our beloved Ranch animals *Play a group game outside *Engage in an academic discussion about a recent science news article
Sienna Ranch Science Students are:
*Happy to get a bit dirty and be outside in all weather *Curious and excited to push themselves deeper into the world of science *Able to read and write at approximate grade level *Able to follow verbal directions in an outdoor environment filled with distractions


If you have any questions about these requirements or anything else on this page, please contact chrislauf@siennaranch.net


Classes are eight weeks long.  Join us for one session, or register for the full year.

Registration opens Friday May 18, 2018!

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

2018-19 School Year Dates

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Sep 3-Oct 26 Oct 29-Jan 11 Jan 14-Mar 8 April 8-May 31
no class: 11/19-25; 12/24-1/6

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