Spring Break Camp

 Dates: March 30th- April 3rd, 2020 

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Questions about our hot/wet weather policies? Read our Rain or Shine suggestions for more information about how we embrace exposure and the elements.

Day Camps, 9:00am-1:00pm

(Early Bird care available 8-9am, Ranch Play lunch time care available 1-2pm*)

“Everything” Ranch Camp

PK-6th (campers divided by age)

PRICE: $376 for the 5-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 10 campers (8 campers for PK/KG) 

This popular holiday camp includes our favorite lessons and activities from Sienna Ranch’s school year homeschool and after school classes. Spring is one of the most exciting times to be at Sienna Ranch.  Come visit our ranch animals and help brush them as they shed their winter coats. We will also  prepare our garden for summer, create a milkweed planter to attract butterflies, and make a pinwheel to track the wind.  We will also hike in the lush, green hills and look for wildflowers, play games, and visit popular destinations on the land. “Everything” Ranch camps gives campers a taste of it all! Activities will vary based on age group. The “Everything” Ranch Nature Camp will be different in each session so feel free to sign up for all our holiday camps!

*PreK = at least 4 years old as of September 1, 2019.  Want to make sure friends/buddies end up in the same group?  Make sure to select the same class number (#1 or #2) for your grade level and you’ll be all set! 

 Note: All campers must be able to use the restroom independently. 

Ranch Equestrian Camp

PRICE: $561 for the 5-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 8, grades 2nd-6th
Riding, horse-themed games, and horsemanship skills are the main activities in this camp. Campers will enjoy daily mounted and dismounted lessons in riding and horsemanship and other fun and educational horsey activities.  Each day campers work on new skills appropriate to their level during their mounted lesson. Groundwork games, activities, and crafts will include instruction in horse communication, grooming, tacking, leading & tying, and how we care for horses to keep them healthy and happy.  When they are not working directly with the horses, campers will spend time practicing skills on the ground via various games and exercises that help develop their ability in the saddle.  Our Equestrian campers love getting to know our many pony and horses! We have two new horses that we are excited to introduce you all to!

Note: The first goal of riding instruction in the Ranch Equestrian Camp is to build a solid foundation in the basics, emphasizing safety and confidence. Advanced techniques such as trotting will be introduced only if the instructor believes the child has displayed the ability to maintain balance and a safe seat.   Please read the Horse and Equestrian page of the website before registering in order to familiarize yourself more with the safety agreements necessary for participation.

Additional Camp Options

Our extended care service for families who need an earlier start to their day, Early Birds campers meet in the backyard area and play, draw, read or relax before morning camp begins. Ranch Play is a supervised play time offered after morning camp. Relax at the story station, enjoy the craft of the day or play on the play structure in our backyard area. Only available for students enrolled in Morning Camps. 
Flexible drop-off as early as 8am or up until 8:45.

Cost: $60/week or $15/day

Available to morning or full-day campers only.  This is a set program from 1-2pm.

Cost: $60/week or $15/day

Afternoon Camps, 2:00-5:00pm 

Campers can attend an Afternoon Special Interest camp only, OR add it on to a Day Camp for a full-day Sienna Ranch experience.  Ranch Play extended care from 1:00-2:00 is offered at no charge for full day campers, and can be added to a morning camp for $60. Ranch Play drop in’s are $15/day. 

Woodshop: Carpentry and Natural Building

PRICE: $274 for the 5-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 8, grades K-2nd 

In this camp we will be building toys, games, and basic structures out of wood and other natural materials. Each day will begin in the Sienna Ranch Woodshop where students will learn to safely use hammers, saws, and drills to create kid-approved projects. Once confidence and skills are gained in the woodshop, students will use their hands and an array of natural materials such as branches and logs, rope and rocks, to build huts and survival shelters. This portion of the class will focus on basic structural design and building techniques that could come in handy in the backyard, during a camping trip, or even in a survival situation. Students can expect to take home at least 2 small projects.

Fun with Horses: Horse Care and Equestrian Games 

PRICE: $306 for the 5-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 8, grades K-2nd 

Fun With Horses campers do exactly that, spend a week having fun with horses!  Children in this special interest camp will have the opportunity to learn to “speak horse”, as they are introduced to the various ways horses communicate with each other and with us. Using fun games and activities, campers will learn about colors and breeds of horses, parts of a pony, and gaits. They will participate in the various ways we care for horses to keep them healthy and happy, such as grooming, stall care, and feeding.  Highlights of this week for many of our campers are the times spent with pony rides, vaulting, leading, and grazing, and creating chalk or painted murals right on a horse!

Note: For a camp with a focus on riding instruction, please see our morning Ranch Equestrian Camp.

Potions and Pies: Harvesting the Ranch’s Bounty

PRICE: $274 for the 3-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 10, grades 2-4

Potions are real.  Pies are delicious!  Join us at Sienna Ranch as we learn how to make treats from trees and medicine from plants growing here at the ranch.  Spring is an ideal time of year to create scrumptious pies from Sienna Ranch’s homegrown abundance. Campers will love making potions with mysterious powers, like healing salves and sprays to defend against bug attacks. In our free time we will enjoy hanging out under shady trees, visiting animals, exploring and playing games.

Archery: Real Bows and Arrows 

PRICE: $274 for the 5-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 8, grades 3rd-6th

Campers will enjoy learning or improving their archery skills, with an opportunity to shoot up to an hour and a half each day on Sienna Ranch’s 25 yard archery range.  Instructors model and encourage proper shooting form and techniques and help campers to reach their potential.  Over the course of the week, campers will make an arrow and target to take home.  Beginners are welcome to register.

Destination Discovery: Your Passport to Adventure

PRICE: $274 for the 5-Day Camp
Maximum group size: 10, grades 3rd-6th

Come see all of the destinations Sienna Ranch has to offer and complete your Adventure Passport by solving clues that lead to hidden stamps throughout the property.  Each day will have a new mystery to solve, a new survival skill to learn, and a new spot to explore at the ranch.  Campers will have fun using their problem solving skills, learning about maps and compasses, and completing physical challenges.

Holiday Camp Discounts

Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break Camps do not have an early registration discount, rather, the following applies:

  • Full-Day Discount:  Register for a full week of AM camp, Ranch Play and PM camp and receive the value of Ranch Play free.
  • Multi-Sibling Discount:  Register more than one sibling and save 10% on the second child’s camp balance.

Other Tips and Info

Our camps fill up quickly!

Tips to avoid disappointment:

  • Please take time to understand our Refund, Credit and Transfer policies before registering, as purchasing program signifies agreement to our terms.
  • Double check our program dates– unfortunately we are unable to offer discounts or make ups for any missed camp days.
  • We recommend you register from a computer as mobile devices and tablets are not always compatible with our registration software.

Early Pickup: Early pick up is discouraged as it may disrupt the flow of the camp and the experience of all the campers. Please only enroll in morning camp programming your camper can attend in full.  For afternoon camps only, early pickup at 3:30pm is available upon reservation.  Please fill out the form to arrange early afternoon pick up below with at least 24 hours notice, otherwise we cannot guarantee your camper will be available for early dismissal.

Afternoon Camp Early Pickup Request

Late Pickup Fees:  Please note that while we do appreciate a call or voice mail if you are running late, we will likely be away from the phone actively dismissing campers and may not receive your message immediately.  Thank you for being on time.

Minutes Late SR Action Fee
1-5 none none
 6-15 call home $10 / driver
16+ call again $1 / min late

A Note on Age Groups: If you are trying to pair siblings, cousins, or friends in the same age group, you may enroll an older child in a younger age group; however, please do not enroll a younger child into an older age group. Our age groups have been chosen based on years of experience working with children and they are important for maintaining the quality of the camp experience.  PreK assumes students are 4 as of September 1st, 2016.  Please email the office for help if you have any questions.

Missing A Day of Camp: We are unable to offer make ups or to prorate camp tuition if your child misses a day of camp.  Exception: If you enroll in a camp that is already in session we will pro-rate your tuition for any days that have already passed.

Food Allergies: Although we do not provide meals for campers, campers may cook from the garden and could be exposed to eggs, fruits, vegetables or other basic baking supplies.  At the time of registration, please disclose any specific dietary needs, especially around eggs, dairy or wheat.  Cooking projects in the past have included enjoying scrambled eggs, home-made ranch dressing, butter made with heavy cream, crackers (gluten-free option available), goat milk smoothies, goat cheese, fruits, vegetables and fruit juice popsicles.  You are welcome to note any/all sensitivities or say you prefer your camper not eat ranch snacks.

Please do call (925) 283-6311 or email admin@siennaranch.net with any questions or concerns.  We are happy to help you understand how we keep campers with food allergies safe!