Emilie Juliette Inman

Emilie Juliette Inman (1989-2017)

Emilie Inman was a brilliant, passionate, creative teacher and a sparkling, joyful, sincere person who worked at Sienna Ranch from the Fall of 2014 until January 2017.  As one parent said, “She brought a light to her subject, and her passion shone through her work.”

Another parent of one of Emilie’s special needs students shared, “Emilie knew just how to transport this diverse group of friends from one world to another filled with fascinating plants, fuzzy-tailed friends, mud puddles, hillside daydream, and original songs she had written.  As the group evolved to include more students from our extended community, Emilie continued to embrace ALL children, especially those with special and complex needs. ” 

Emilie challenged her students and her coworkers to be their best selves, to live life bravely and beautifully. The memories of the compassion and conviction with which she lived her life will continue to serve as enduring lessons to all those who knew her.   

“Emilie’s love, kindness and passion for teaching our children will forever be a part of our lives,” said one parent, and it is in Emilie’s honor that Sienna Ranch now offers scholarship programming to students who may not otherwise be able to attend Sienna Ranch classes or camps.

Emilie Inman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Emilie was particularly interested in bringing equity to education. She was vocal in supporting a new scholarship program, which we were in the preliminary stages of developing at the time of her death. We have decided to name this scholarship after Emilie to honor her memory.


We’ve setup a PayPal account with the help of our bookeeper, Holley Thrailkill, to accept donations in Emlie’s memory.  The screen should look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 1.58.44 PM

Stay tuned for more developments as we celebrate the puddles able to be jumped in, tree branches climbed, native seed balls launched and coyote howls howled in Emilie’s memory.  Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive updates regarding the scholarship we are naming in Emilie’s memory.

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