Sienna Ranch is a privately owned 21-acre ranch in Lafayette, CA near the intersection of Hwy 680 and 24. We are centrally located, 2 minutes from the freeway, and just fifteen minutes from Oakland, Berkeley and San Ramon. We are a family run business whose focus is on youth, families, environment, and community. Our innovative programs and passionate staff are aimed at making a positive impact on all those who come here.

Arrival Zones

Wait in our shaded Program Zone until your activity is scheduled to begin, then find our staff in your assigned meeting area.  Not sure where to go?  Ask our office staff to check your meeting zone assignment.

Horse Riding Areas

We have a terrific variety of school horses and ponies suitable for beginning through more advanced riders.  Adjacent to the Briones Trail system, we are surrounded by beautiful open space. Our horseback riding facilities consist of our large 75′ X 100′ outdoor arena nestled in a valley with sand footing and a fantastic view of Mt Diablo.   We also have a 65′ round pen with shade screens, and an outdoor classroom with shaded cross ties, picnic tables and a chalk wall on the exterior of our tack room.   Our horses have indoor-outdoor accommodations with their herd mates in oversized paddocks with stalls or three sided shelters, and most also enjoy time in our larger pastures.

Fire Building Deck & Tree Fort

The perfect place to gather when the weather is wet, our nature programs especially love to use the fire building deck as a space to light a fire, tell stories, and eat snack.

Kids and teachers alike enjoy visiting the tree fort to enjoy the view of the Diablo Valley, gather abundant valley oak acorn, play on the many platforms and relax in the shade of this magnificent giant.  Families enjoy a guided hike through the hills, ending at the Tree Fort during Family Day open houses.

Animals & Orchard

Our animal friends make the Ranch a special, memorable place for everyone who visits us. Our programs focus on building relationships with our animals, and learning how to respectfully care for the creatures who make the ranch so magical.

Sienna Ranch is currently home to chickens, ducks, goats, bunnies, sheep, alpaca, a variety of horses, and a few friendly barn cats.

Read more about the Grow-to-Give orchard on Harvest Hill and our partnership with ILM Tree and the Urban Farmers here.

Pottery, Archery & Woodshop

Pottery begins each day at the Alpaca Picnic Zone.

Archery meets at the Alpaca Picnic Zone too, then proceeds up to our shaded Archery field for class.  With a maximum range length of 100 feet, our students have plenty of room to develop their skills.

Woodshop program meets at the Alpaca Picnic Area as well and walks together to the shop to learn the plan for the day.  Class may be in the woodshop itself our up in the hills, depending on the day’s lesson.

Middle School Science

Middle School Science shares its time between the MS Science classrooms and the Sienna Ranch hills.  5th-6th graders and 7th-8th graders enjoy class inside either the Purple Yurt or the science loft, joining up some weeks for a snack and game in the middle of the class.

Sienna Ranch Office

Sienna Ranch Office Hours vary depending on the time of year.  To  make an appointment, call (925) 283-6311 or email admin@siennaranch.net.