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Current Openings

**NEW** Animal Care and Education Manager: Permanent, Full-Time 

Love animals and teaching?  The Sienna Ranch Animal Care and Education Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of care for our seven horses, two sheep, small goat herd, flock of chickens, ducks, and bunnies. This position is also responsible for liaising with our Nature Program Curriculum Director and Nature Program Instructors to create curriculum and guidelines for interacting with our animals in positive, respectful and meaningful ways. The Sienna Ranch Animal Care and Education Manager also leads our ​Ranch Apprenticeship Program​, a free program for teens.


Non-exempt. Permanent. Full-time. Year-round.
School Year Schedule (approx Sept-May): Sunday-Thursday, 30-35 hours per week
Summer Schedule (approx June-August): Monday-Friday, 35-40 hours per week
Training takes place on Summer Schedule, beginning as soon after hiring as possible, and no later than July 24th. School Year Schedule begins September 5th, 2017.

 Email or call (925) 283-6311 to inquire about the position.  

MORE DETAILS AND APPLICATION: Animal Care and Education Manager Job Posting

Special Events Instructor: Seasonal (September-May)

Multiple positions available.  Work with your friends!  Special Events Instructors will be primarily responsible for leading birthday parties and hosting our open house Family Days on Sundays. Special Events instructors may also have the option to lead scout trips, occasional private events, and lead school field trips on Mondays depending on interest and availability. See our the Special Events tab on our website for more details on our Special Events offerings.

 Email or call (925) 283-6311 to inquire about availability.  


Summer Camp Instructor: Seasonal (June-August)

See our Nature Program Instructor and Pottery Coordinator position above.

 Email if you’d like to receive notice when job posting go live!  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Feeder: Adults (ages 18+)

  • Morning shifts start between 7:00 am & 8:00 am (0.75-1.5 hours/shift)
  • Evening shifts start between 5:45 pm & 7:00 pm (0.5-1 hour/shift)

The volunteer feeder program gives adults, ages 18 and up, an opportunity to experience the satisfaction and learning which comes from providing one of the most important aspects of care to the animals residing on the Sienna Ranch property- feeding! Under the instruction of Sienna Ranch’s Animal Care and Education Coordinator, volunteer feeders are responsible for following the guidelines of the morning and evening feeding routines for animals. The animals in the Sienna Ranch family include:

  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Cats
  • Rabbits

The program consists of feeding, providing fresh water, transporting animals between pens, and promptly communicating any problems with animals or animal feed to the Animal Care Coordinator.

Is our Volunteer Feeder program right for you??

As a volunteer feeder you must consider yourself one of the primary caretakers of the animals; rain or shine, your animals need to be fed. In the animal care business, there is no such thing as a lazy day; expect to work hard and possibly get a little dirty in the process.  Working with animals on a ranch is not a light-weight job.  The volunteer feeder program requires dedication, reliability, and responsibility. If you are prepared to work hard, get a bit dirty and volunteer as part of an awesome animal care team… Apply to the Sienna Ranch Volunteer Feeder Program!

Volunteer Feeder Requirements

  • Ability to work your shift, rain or shine. It is expected that you will be attending your shift in any weather.
  • Punctuality. Our animals are on a strict meal schedule. Feeding them early or late can seriously jeopardize their health!
  • Ability to work independently and to follow written instruction –  there will not always be someone on the property to instruct you.
  • Show initiative. If something is unclear, YOU must take the initiative to have instructions clarified for you.
  • Good physical strength, more than opening a can of dog food! This is a physically demanding job requiring the ability to push a wheelbarrow full of hay across rough terrain.
  • A minimum 6 month commitment to a regular feeding shift is required (2 weeks notice is required before resigning from the volunteer position).

Finding someone to cover a feeding shift can be very difficult without adequate notice. We require:

  • 1 week notice for planned absences
  • 1 month notice if two or more consecutive shifts are to be missed
  • In case of illness or emergency, please give as much notice as possible
  • Volunteers who are absent for 4 or more volunteer shifts within a 6 month period will be ineligible to continue in our volunteer program.

Join the Volunteer Feeder Crew

Fill out the online application form below and we will be in touch if we have a shift available which fits your schedule.

Our volunteer feeding program is very popular. We apologize if we do not have shifts available to match your schedule. Open shifts are assigned as they arise, based on the applications we have on file. Priority is given to volunteers with previous experience in Sienna Ranch programs.

 Email our Director, Chris Lauf with questions at  

Apply to be a volunteer feeder