Glenn Kim and Bill Eaken's Advanced Art Classes 2009
Glenn Kim digital painting IslandBill Eaken Spell mermaid painting
Winter Session 2009

Ages 13 to 19,  $300
TuesdaysTuesdays, 7 - 9pm
September 15 - November 17
10 classes

This class is designed to introduce to kids from ages 13 and up, basic drawing and painting principals. The teacher, Glenn Kim, who is a current Pixar artist, will teach with demonstrations and examples in class. He and a few special guest teachers will teach basic drawing techniques, how to use photo reference, and understand light as it pertains to drawing and painting. Glenn will use demonstrations and lecture to illustrate strong basic composition. He will focus on teaching students observational skills and how to complete a finished painting or drawing of an original concept which utilizes good design principles.  This class is open to students who are thinking of pursuing a career as an artist, but may not be sure what that means, or students who know exactly what they want and need some help in building their portfolio.


Weekly Overview

 Week 1
  • Introductions
  • Slideshow
  • Discussion
 Week 2
  • Review materials
  • Basic lighting, how to render
  • Draw simple forms: cube, sphere, etc.
  • Slideshow of famous artists' renderings
Week 3
  • Storytelling through Composition and Perspective
  • Assignment: Draw something that tells a story 
Week 4
  • Critique homework
  • Life drawing
  • Assignment: Draw an animal in action 
 Week 5
  • Fantasy & Sci-fi art
  • Draw from imagination
  • Use photos as inspirations (Jumping Off Point)
  • Guest Artist, Bill Eakin
Week 6
  • Intro to painting
  • Paint your own color wheel
  • Basic color theory
 Week 7
  • Review what we've learned so far about basic rendering, composition, fantasy
  • Present examples
  • Assignment: Develop idea for a finished painting
 Week 8
  • Color sketch and its purpose
  • Assignment: Color sketch of Idea
Week 9
  • Prep for painting
  • Basic painting techniques
Week 10
  • Painting day
  • Final critique
  • Party!

"Portrait of an Old Man"
pencil sketch
Artist: Glenn Kim
Why Glenn Kim created this program
"I believe early experiences that spark a child’s imagination can influence their lives forever. 

I want to teach kids what I might have wanted when I was a kid, and also as a teen, when I seriously started considering what I wanted to do with my life, and I knew it was ‘art something’, but had no idea as to even what kind of artist I wanted to be. Other than early memories of my parents showing me a few things(that stayed with me), I didn’t have anyone in my life who had a profound affect from an artistic or an art career point of view. 

A successful illustrator friend of mine told me once that his early influence was a famous artist that lived on his street, and that when he was a kid, he use to go over to this old mans house, and just watch him paint. He believes that moment in his life had the affect on him to pursue a career as a painter. My friend went on to become a painter for Star Wars films, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones films. Now he also teaches and still enjoys a successful career as an illustrator and a fine artist."

Artwork by Glenn Kim
Glenn Kim digital painting Island
Glenn Kim digital painting Island

Detail of Island
digital painting, Photoshop
Artist: Glenn Kim

Glenn Kim digital painting Snowball Fight
"Snowball Fight"
digital painting, Photoshop
Artist: Glenn Kim


"The Day I Ran Away"
digital painting, Photoshop
Artist: Glenn Kim
Artwork by Bill Eakin
Artist: Bill Eakin

acrylic and watercolor
Artist: Bill Eakin
Glenn Kim's Bio
Glenn was drawing since he could remember. His earliest memory is his dad teaching one point perspective. He was about 5 or 6 years old. From then on, he drew all the time. Like a typical boy, he drew robots, tanks, battles, great hideaways in the mountain, warriors in battle armor, etc.  On Friday nights when most kids were going out, he was home watching scary movies and drawing.  His passion for art led him to an illustration degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. While he was building up a freelance career, he got a call from one of his former teachers who recommended him to interview at Pixar Animation Studios. That was 1996 and he got the job. He has worked on feature films like A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Incredibles, Cars, and the upcoming Toy Story 3. He's also worked on short films like Presto and Cars Toons.

Bill Eaken's Bio 
Bill started his art career as a portrait artist at Disneyland, before moving on to create illustrations for clients like Lucasfilm, Saga, and Paramount Pictures. For twenty years, he also designed computer games. And although digital painting has become a large part of his commercial work, his first love is the rich, textural experience of real paint. Bill’s fine art has sold in galleries in California, Hawaii, and Florida. His favorite subjects are human and animal forms, with poetic and symbolic meaning hidden within. His latest project combines painting with poetry and sculpture. More than mixed media, it seeks a creative “whole” that speaks to a broader audience, while retaining the depth of expression that separates art from mere illustration.
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